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PRESERVATION, VITALITY, CONNECTION keep Crawfordsville's historic core strong and appealing.  That's what we do.  Read how Main Street Projects SERVE those directives and how YOU can help downtown thrive.

Crawfordsville Main Street is a member of Indiana Main Street and a designated member of Main Street America/National Main Street Center, Inc. and Indiana Landmarks.  These programs offer guidance for building strong communities through preservation-based economic development.

Our Vision

Crawfordsville Main Street exists to preserve and showcase the special history, beauty and character of the Crawfordsville Commercial Historic District.

Our Mission

Because every city needs a strong and vibrant core, Crawfordsville Main Street exists to enhance and support our city’s historic downtown. 

Crawfordsville Main Street is empowered to address, in partnership with the public and private sectors, vital issues that affect downtown Crawfordsville's growth, well-being and user friendliness.

Our Approach

The Main Street Four Point Approach, developed by the National Trust Main Street Center, is the proven method of healthy preservation-based development in historic commercial districts.  Below are the specific points which work together to build a sustainable and complete community effort.

Indiana Main Street


Cultivates a positive image that enhances community pride, while enriching consumer and investor confidence in our historic downtown.  This includes special events and campaigns that help sell the image and promise of the downtown district to the community and its visitors.


Creates an inviting environment for shoppers, workers, visitors and attractive gathering places for the community.  Design capitalizes on downtown Crawfordsville's historic buildings, pedestrian-oriented streets, and small-town atmosphere to promote an authentic and friendly place.  Good maintenance practices, preservation-based rehabilitation and building design, as well as sensitive new construction and long-term planning are vital aspects for sustaining historic core

Economic Vitality

Strengthens downtown Crawfordsville’s existing economic assets while expanding and diversifying its economic base by encouraging the conversion of underutilized commercial space into economically productive property.


Helps sharpen the competitiveness of existing business owners and recruits compatible new businesses and economic uses to make downtown more responsive to today’s consumers.


Establishes consensus and cooperation by building partnerships among the various public and private groups that have a stake in healthy progress for downtown Crawfordsville.  Assembles an enthusiastic volunteer base, as well as the appropriate annual financial resources from local investment to help carry the Main Street mission forward.  Seeks to enlist a broad spectrum of stakeholder perspectives into planning and implementing objectives, in order to create successful outcomes that benefit the entire community.

Crawfordsville Main Street is a member of:

Main Street America
National Main Street Center
Indiana Landmarks

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